Tuesday, June 30, 2009

46 and Knocked Up!

Thanks you all for the lovely birthday wishes. I’ve been a terrible blogger and commenter lately. The last couple of weeks at work have been crazy, and when not at work, I’ve crashed.

It was a much better birthday than last year, when I was dealing with a cancelled IVF cycle. I had a nice birthday dinner with the ex-boyfriend on Friday (had a yummy virgin, raspberry mojito with dinner), and then slept away most of the weekend. Except for Sunday night. OB appt on Monday, so didn’t sleep well Sunday night. Hopefully, this will get better once I start really feeling my little notion move. I keep thinking I feel something, but it’s not often, and so light, that I think it might be my imagination.

OB appt was fine. No ultrasound, so I’ll have to wait 4 more weeks to find out whether I’ve got a boy or girl on the way. I got all teary, as usual, when I heard the heartbeat. It’s slowly sinking in that I’m going to be a mom!

The OB agrees that I need to get real relief for my plantar fasciitis. She agrees with me that it’s not good that I can barely walk around. The injections I had at my last appt with the orthopedic surgeon did not help at all. If anything, the pain is worse. And those shots were BRUTAL! I gave her his contact info and just called his office with her info, and said I needed them to talk before my appt with him on Thursday. She (the OB) said that she will ask what he would do for me if I weren’t pregnant, and she will let him know if it’s safe. Hoping for a good game plan on Thursday, as this foot pain is making me miserable. Even the middle of the night trips to pee are agony on my feet.

So, there’s my update. Nothing terrible exciting right now, but that’s a good thing.

Oh! I have a bunch of leftover meds to donate to anyone who can use them. I will make a complete list and post it soon, but I have some unopened PIO, aygestin, some estrace, vaginal progesterone, prometrium, and lovenox. Email me if you want any.