Friday, October 19, 2012

My Hard Earned Expertise And Other Miscellania

Two weeks ago yesterday I was walking home from daycare with Sunshine when we met a woman walking her golden retriever. We usually stop to say hello to the neighborhood dogs, as I don’t want Sunshine to grow up being afraid, and I want her to learn how to approach them safely. So I asked my usual question. “Is it a friendly dog?” “Oh, yes, Zena loves children!”

Well, this dog had pretty much the same color fur as Sunshine’s hair. So I asked her, “What color is Zena’s fur?” “Sawberry bond.” (That’s strawberry blonde, for those not fluent in toddler.) We laughed at her adorableness. The woman was completely enchanted by Sunshine. “Oh, she’s wonderful! You’re so lucky!” she gushed. I agreed, and told her that I’d waited a long time for her. Her expression changed. “Did you use fertility treatments?” So I gave her the abbreviated version of our story. “I’m single, too, “ she confided. “And my first IUI is tomorrow!”

We exchanged contact info and I wished her luck. Since then via text and phone I have guided her more than her RE. (Duh!) Explaining that when calculating days post ovulation, ovulation day is day 0. Reassuring her that the pink spotting these last two days is probably irritation from the progesterone suppositories. Laughing to myself that she had no idea about taking multiple HPTs to watch the line get darker. She got a faint line on a FRER on Tuesday, then a neg on a digital on Wednesday, so I assured her that digital tests are notoriously less sensitive. She didn’t want to spend more money on HPTs (CRAZY, I KNOW!), so decided to wait until her beta, which is today. Waiting for the text.

Update: Negative beta. I'm calling it a chemical.


Today was Dresden’s second beta. Not great, but not out of the game. Please go over and giver her some love.


Magpie Watch 2012 is ON! I can’t wait to hear that this long awaited little girl is here, and that mom and baby are well.


Last Saturday morning Sunshine and I had a little dance party in our kitchen. Whenever we dance together I’m reminded of what a joy it is, and that we should do it more often. After dancing together, Sunshine did a solo dance. I know the video is a little long, but it’s worth it! Her moves at the end are great. Enjoy! (Please disregard the mess on my kitchen counters.)