Wednesday, December 23, 2009

About Babywearing. Plus Camera Advice Requested. AND A PICTURE!

Thanks for all the great comments. Sorry I’ve been a terrible commenter. I’ve been reading, but it’s hard to comment more than a few words here and there.

About all the babywearing suggestions. I actually have 4 options. I have a Hotsling, a maya wrap, a Moby wrap, and an Ergo carrier with the infant insert. 3 of them hand me downs, 1 a gift. A big part of the problem is how constantly she wants to nurse. She’ll nod off while nursing, I’ll burp her, then I keep her upright for a while to keep spitting up to a minimum, but often within 5 minutes of taking her off the boob, she’ll be awake again and rooting for more. This literally goes on for hours. I’m sore! When I can wear her, the Hotsling is easiest around the house, since it’s the easiest to take on and off. But it’s the hardest on my back.

It’s really amazing how she’ll seem to be out cold in my arms for quite a while, but within 2 minutes of gently putting her down, she’s fussing or crying. I am not going to let my 3 week old CIO. (BTW, anyone have a good comeback for the idiots well meaning people who tell me I shouldn’t spoil her? Spoil a newborn! Puleeze!)

Re camera advice, I have a decent “point and shoot,” but have been thinking about getting a digital SLR to take better pictures of my cutie pie. Any suggestions for a moderately priced camera?

Here’s a little cuteness for you all.

Happy holidays from us!