Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Do You Do It?

HALP!! I can't keep up with my interwebz.

Between work, my almost toddler, and trying (unsuccessfully) to get enough sleep, I can't keep up with my peeps. I am woefully behind in reading dear friends' blogs. Much less commenting. Forget about Twitter. I don't think I've read a tweet in over a month. The long Thanksgiving weekend set me back even further. We were at my mother's, where I couldn't access a neighbor's unsecured network I usually use. I could generally "see" the network, but the signal was not strong enough to connect. So I got my mother a router at Staples on Black Friday, which I tried (unsuccessfully) to configure for the rest of the weekend. After a loooooooong time on the phone with tech support, it was determined that I need an extra ethernet cable to configure the network.

Anyway, this is a rather long winded way of saying, sorry I've been MIA. I want to write a birthday post for Sunshine. I can't believe she turned one on Monday!! In the meantime, here's her first "school" picture.