Saturday, August 1, 2009

And The Profane Bunny Goes To ...


Alright, she's the only one who asked for it, but I think she's the perfect choice. She's adept in the appropriate use of expletives. She's about t0 start her first (and hopefully only) frozen embryo transfer, and it feels right, as someone who is LIVING PROOF that FETs WORK, for me to pass him on to her. And I can totally imagine her finding the next perfect recipient of him once she's securely KNOCKED UP!

While I appreciated the suggestions for a winner from one commenter, I really felt this should be self-nominating. Also, the 2 bloggers that were suggested, while absolutely worthy of a FUCK bunny, are readers here. They could have said something if they wanted him.

So, Ms. Murgdan, I need your address. How about bringing him to your transfer?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



At least the u/s tech said she was 85% sure it's a girl. She's perfect! Measuring right on target. My girl is an active one. She was kicking and waving her cute little arms. She has the cutest little fingers and toes that her mama can't wait to nibble on. And, come on, isn't that belly just calling out for a good raspberry!?! She was a little tease, and wouldn't roll over so the tech could measure her spine. So I have to go back for that. (No problem! Another peek at my DAUGHTER! Another check to confirm girl bits.) I'm going away for a few days towards the end of next week, so I made the appt for August 10th.

It's all feeling more and more real!

In other bloggy ultrasound news, did you all see Mo and Will's news!?!? I emailed Mo yesterday morning telling her I was more anxious about her u/s than mine. I'm so thrilled for them.