Monday, June 18, 2012

"Happy Father's Day, Mommy!"

I have so many posts swirling around in my head. A few snippets in my drafts folder. Life as a single, working, older mom of a spirited toddler is overwhelming. Work is very busy and stressful. I've been having some back and neck issues lately. The toddler is challenging, but oh, so amazing! Sharp as a tack, my girl! So this post is sort of a cop out with links, photos, and video.

Re the title of this post, did you read Dresden's post about Father's Day on Creating Motherhood? Go on, click over and read her post and my two comments. The first written Friday, the second one yesterday, after I received the Father's Day love from my Sunshine. Pretty awesome! BTW, did you know that Dresden was chosen to read at the BlogHer Community Keynote as a BlogHer Voice of the Year? She ROCKS!

Now for my adorable girl.

 Taking her baby to the playground.

A little diva at our neighborhood Pride parade.

Face painting at a school carnival.

After getting her face painted at a local school carnival, we watched a second grade dance performance. When the second graders were done, there was a break, so Sunshine took to the "stage."

She's got the moves!