Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolate Update

Thanks for the responses. It was funny and irritating. But, truly, I waited a long time for a mommy problem like this. It's still kind of surreal, like when I find stray crayons in my purse. I kept thinking this would be a perfect thing to tweet, but I honestly can't keep up with twitter. Whenever I go on twitter I just get caught up reading everyone elses tweets and hardly write any myself. I did find the chocolate. I hid it quickly when we got home Saturday because my little helper decided she wanted to help me put away our purchases.

I hadn't noticed them getting smaller, but now I have to try freezing one. I never thought of that, and I do enjoy some candy bars frozen.

Hoping I'll have more time to blog soon. In the meantime, I'm busy blogstalking Mo, waiting for beta number three. Please let this be the one for them!