Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Simple joys have a simple voice. It says, "Time is living's prize"

Some wise words sung by one of my favorite actors, Raúl Esparza. If you don't already know who he is, trust me, you will.

Sometimes as we slog our way through the infertility trenches we forget to take time to nurture ourselves. In a few months I'll (hopefully) be in the overwhelming land of sleeplessness, dirty diapers, and sore nipples. I needed some time for some "simple joys." So I turned to my trusty computer to figure out a getaway where I could relax, be pampered a bit, and not have to walk much (damned feet!). So tomorrow I will be leaving out of NYC (where I live, YAY for no airports) for a 4 night cruise to St. John, Canada. The ship leaves tomorrow afternoon, day at sea on Friday, St. John Saturday (where I will do as little or as much as I please), another day at sea Sunday, and back home Monday morning. My plan is to have room service deliver my coffee in the morning, and mostly relax on deck in a lounge chair with a book. A little bit of heaven for a preggo at the height of Summer.

Internet access from the ship is INSANELY expensive. So I'm leaving my beloved macbook at home. See you next week!

"And wouldn't you rather be a left-handed flea
Or a crab on a slab at the bottom of the sea
Or a newt on the root of a banyan tree
Than a man who never learns how to be free
Not 'til he's underground"