Monday, October 8, 2012

You’re Invited! A Virtual Shower For Mo.

I am so blessed. Obviously, I’m so blessed with my amazing little girl, but I’m also blessed with wonderful friends. Friends who get it. I don’t differentiate between bloggy friends and other friends. If someone asks, I may say I know the friend through the internet, but I don’t offer up that information. My internet friends are not second tier friends. They’re just friends. Some of whom I’ve met face to face, and some I haven’t. I feel so lucky to count Mo as a friend. I’ll always remember our first face to face meeting, where we almost immediately began cracking dark jokes about cycling that may well have shocked anyone eavesdropping. She was the first person other than hospital staff and immediate family to hold my newborn. I was so happy to have dinner with her a few weeks ago and see her glorious baby belly.

And now I am so excited that she has agreed to my suggestion of a virtual baby shower. I have set up a separate blog for this: Waiting For Magpie: A Celebration. I would love it if you would write your congratulations to their family, or maybe the best bit of newborn advice you wish you'd known, or the odd baby gear you found invaluable, or whatever. Please email them to me at, and I'll post each one as its own post. Let’s hop to it! This baby girl could arrive any time now! I’ll be writing my own post as soon as I have a little more time. (And also create a cute little header.) But I’ll put up the posts as they come in. So join the party!