Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding Anxiety

No ... not mine. I figured that title would get some attention. One of our babysitters got married last week. Sunshine was her flower girl. My anxiety about whether she would be able to handle it without a meltdown was pretty high. There were a couple of mini meltdowns at the rehearsal the night before, but she was a champ for the wedding. She informed me the day before that she would not need me to hold her hand. (I was expecting that I might have to walk with her, which was okay with the bride.) She did a fabulous job walking down the aisle with the ring bearer. She sat with the bride's mother during the ceremony and mass (yes, a Catholic wedding). She was awesome for all the pictures in front of the church and then at the reception. I was so proud of her!

In front of our building, on our way to the church 

My love!!!!

The ceremony started a little late, so while we were waiting Sunshine did my favorite song and dance she learned at school.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Joyous Update!

Nearly three years ago I posted a guest post from a woman whose story I learned from a Single Moms by Choice email list. She truly had been through the wringer, and was still without a child in her arms. I am so very happy to announce that she is now a mom! Here is her announcement to the email list:


Hello All,

I'm so very very blissfully happy to introduce my beautiful daughter Eliana Jacqueline. She was born on February 5, 2014 weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long.

She is adopted. I got to be in the delivery room. The birth mother and I bonded and it was a beautiful shared experience.

After EIGHT long and painful years of infertility and heartbreak, my little baby girl's precious face makes it all seem like a distant memory. Yes, I'm so in love!

I won't lie. It's a pride-swallowing siege; a humbling, exhausting, baptism by fire to take care of a new born. Good lord! But it's worth it and it's a labor of love.

I already wouldn't trade it for anything.

43 and finally a mother!!!


When I emailed her to ask if I could update her story on my blog she had even more wonderful news. Baby number two is due in the beginning of September with a gestational carrier and Stacy’s embryo from a previous IVF! Lots of happy sleep deprivation ahead for this mom.