Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long Awaited Update

As of today, 37 weeks 2 days! Although I really don't look it. She is measuring perfectly. As of my u/s last Monday (at 36 weeks) she was estimated at 6lbs 5oz. 60th percentile. But when the OB walked into the exam room last Friday, she looked at me and said, "Where are you hiding her?" I think she's hiding against my tailbone, since that's where it hurts!

Sorry to keep you all waiting. I’ve been trying to wrap things up at work and just haven’t able to get anything much done otherwise. The thank you notes that need to be written are taunting me. I feel sooooo guilty about that. Baby girl has received so many beautiful, heartfelt gifts. I'm so incredibly touched. This is going to be one well dressed little girl!

Well, my placenta has moved sufficiently for me to be cleared for a vaginal birth. YAY! But still, being cleared for it doesn’t mean it will happen that way. I really have no great hopes and dreams for the birth other than delivering a healthy baby. (Oh, except could it please not hurt too much?) My blood pressure on the other hand, remains somewhat elevated. I did a 24 hour urine collection (oh, joy!), which showed some protein. Word from the OB yesterday was to continue to monitor my bp with my home monitor, and come in to L&D if it goes over 140/90, or if I have any other symptoms of preeclampsia. She suggested I use evening primrose oil vaginally (5 capsules up the vag at bedtime, prometrium flashbacks), to help soften the cervix in case she needs to induce me. Been doing that since the weekend. I also have an appointment with my acupuncturist next week. I haven’t seen her since I’ve been pregnant. I will have her do points to get labor rolling.

So I think this baby’s going to be here soon!!!! OMG!!!!

In the meantime, I hate to whine, but I am so uncomfortable. Commuting is a killer. Any walking causes lots of low back and round ligament pain. Putting on socks is REALLY hard. (Although, truly one of the few things that has been annoying about doing this as an SMC. I've been very at peace with that aspect. Particularly hearing about friends' marital difficulties lately.) So glad to have this upcoming 4 day weekend. I have told them at work that unless I go into labor sooner, next Wednesday will be my last day.

Oh, she had hiccups this morning. So cute.