Saturday, January 30, 2010

How To Scare A Baby

I've been wanting to post. Really. Still have to write out the birth story. But Squeaker still wants to be held nearly ALL THE TIME. Right now she's miraculously asleep in her swing, so I can actually type with 2 hands. It's also finally given me the opportunity to upload recent pictures from my camera. So there's cuteness to come!

Okay, about the title of this post. Last week Squeaker was wearing a very cute outfit with a hood. She fell asleep nursing, and I ever so gently put her down in her bouncy seat, hoping she'd sleep for at least a little while. I put the hood up, so it wouldn't be bunched behind her back. The hood fell somewhat over her eyes, but I didn't think much of it, other than that it looked cute, and maybe the darkness would help her sleep more peacefully. She looked so cute, I took a picture.

A little while later, when I was in the next room, I hear the loudest scream from her. I race to her, and find her in a panic with the hood totally over her eyes. Poor baby must have thought she went blind!

Here's some more cuteness.

Being held by her cousin.

The best place to nap EVAH!

Her grandmother LOVES giving her baths in the kitchen sink.
(Photo carefully cropped so as not to show baby girl bits.)

If any of my bloggy friends would like a birth announcement (I designed them, and I'm rather pleased), email me your address.