Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post Sandy Update & Get Out And Vote Video

I know, not the best post title, but it’s been a week! We were fine during the hurricane. We had a few flickering lights Saturday night, but never lost power. The worst we had to deal with was toddler cabin fever. It’s going to be a long Winter!

Our neighborhood really came together. An alternative Halloween activity was quickly organized. The kids had a great time. Then the community came together to help fellow New Yorkers who didn’t fair as well. A few kids started out by setting up a table by our playground and offering manicures for donations for Sandy relief efforts, then a little bake sale popped up. By the weekend, tons of donations were being collected, and driven to Rockaway and Staten Island, The bake sale grew, and hot food and drinks were for sale to help the effort. Thousands of dollars were raised, calls were made to find out what was needed most, and trips to Home Depot were made to purchase requested vital items to bring to the devastated areas. It was heartening to walk around Sunday afternoon and see the huge piles of donations, people enjoying homemade baked goods for a good cause, and the adorable girls, still giving manis. Sunshine helped me fill a couple of bags with warm clothes, shoes, boots, and toys.

Now our video. I probably should have started sooner teaching Sunshine to pronounce our President’s name. Oh, well. GO! VOTE!