Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About Dream Feeding?

OMG! It rocks! Who knew you could feed a baby while they were asleep! A coworker told me about it last week. Day care wears her out, so she’s been going to sleep earlier. YAY! She was so tired on Friday, that she was sound asleep when I got her home (around 6:15). By 9pm by boobs were quite full, but she was still out cold. I gently put my nipple to her mouth and lo and behold, she started to suck. She fed pretty well, and then I was able to swaddle her and put her down without waking her. Weekends she doesn’t conk out so early, because I like to sleep in if she’ll let me. But last night we did it again. She fell asleep nursing around 8pm. A little after 11, when I was ready to go to bed, I first swaddled her this time (no wakey!), then gave her the boob. Totally efficient sleep nursing! Then mommy got to sleep until 3:30!!! A little side lying nursing and she was out again. She slept through the alarm, I was able to take a shower, then she woke up smiling. My sunshine!