Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mel’s Show and Tell — The Kindness of Strangers

I haven’t participated in Show and Tell for a while, but I’ve been meaning to post about this.

I have been very blessed on this journey. Of course it’s been hard. Physically and emotionally. But had I not had gone down this difficult road to motherhood, I would not have known all of YOU! A woman who started out as stranger who read my blog, gave me the ultimate gift of life and has become family. I had thousands of dollars worth of gonal-f donated to me that enabled me to have my “closure” cycle with my eggs. I’ve received thoughtful gifts from other bloggers. (YAY for lucky socks!) And, oh my! Let’s not forget the massage therapist who came to my hotel room the night before my first donor FET courtesy of a blogger. Oh, I know I’m forgetting things, but those are not the focus of the story I want to tell today.

I talk to strangers. On checkout lines, on the subway, elevators, etc. While on the subway on my way to my little vacation in August, I struck up a conversation with a sweet 8 year old girl and her father. We started chatting on the platform and continued talking on the train. During the conversation I mentioned that I most of the big things for baby girl have been hand me downs. Which I am quite happy about. Infant things get outgrown so quickly, they often show no wear at all. (Not to mention the environmental benefit of not getting everything new.) I mentioned a neighbor I became friends with at the local Starbux who passed on the infant car seat and stroller frame, and a bouncy seat that her daughter has outgrown. (She’ll be at my shower this weekend, and next weekend I’ll attend her daughter’s first birthday party.) The father said, “You know, we have a stroller that we never used. We took it out of the box, but my wife preferred to carry her. I’d be happy to give it to you.” I was kind of stunned, but took his email address. After I got back from my trip I kept meaning to email him, but usually thought about it when I was not at the computer. Eventually I did email him, and about two weeks ago he brought the stroller over. He wasn’t kidding when he said they NEVER used it. It still has plastic wrapped around the handle.

I don’t have a picture of the actual stroller, as I wrapped it in plastic and put it in my basement storage room for now. But with a quick google images search, I found a photo.

This lovely former stranger simply requested that I email him a picture of the baby once she arrives. No problem!!

The world is a good place!

Don’t forget to check what the rest of the class is showing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

One year ago today I wrote this post. I’d just gotten word that a possible embryo donation situation was not meant to be. I was still trying to complete one IVF cycle with my poor old eggs, even though I knew my chances of success were well under 5%. I felt rejected and dejected.

So I wrote about how I was feeling. I asked how people would feel about donating embryos to a single woman. As you can see, I received thoughtful, caring comments. One of those commenters has changed my life completely. (This is such an understatement! When I first read the comment I felt heartened, but I truly had no expectations that it would lead anywhere. Three days later I received an email from her basically saying, “Let’s talk.” Did we ever!

Today I am merely weeks from meeting this gift. Today this gift is doing a dance routine in my uterus. There is so much more to say, but words simply can’t do justice to my overwhelming feelings.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Darling daughter, would you please stop kicking mommy in the stomach?

Sorry, this is kind of gross.

First time barfing during this pregnancy, and it's in the third trimester! Baby girl is head down and likes to stretch out. I'm short, so her feet have been right up against my stomach and diaphragm. My reflux had been under control until recently (thank you, nexium), but no more. Particularly when I lie down. Once I lay down, I've been regurgitating. Even when it's been quite a while since I ate. I've raised the head of the bed a bit, which was helping somewhat. But for some reason, last night was bad. I kept having to sit up quickly as I felt the gorge rise. Then at one point it was too much ... mad dash for the porcelain.

Is this what I get for dodging morning sickness?