Monday, November 30, 2009

She's Perfect!!!!!!!

My daughter arrived via c-section at 10:40 pm on November 29th. She's gorgeous! I'm madly in love. I will probably post her name embedded in a photo the way Calliope did after W's birth, so it's not searchable. So you'll have to wait for that. And for more details, as I'm posting this from my iTouch. I may try to convince my mother to bring my MacBook from my apartment, but I'm not going to count on her cooperation with that. So you may have to wait until Thursday for a photo and details.

It still feels surreal. Right now she is in the nursery being further cleaned up and checked out, but then she will be with me. Feeling her soft baby skin against mine is the most wonderful feeling.

Holy crap, I'm a mommy!!!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I thought I was leaking some amniotic fluid last night, but wasn't sure. Had some lower abdominal cramping, but no contractions. Called my doula, but not the dr. The cramping kept me up most of the night, so after talking to the doula again this morning, I called the dr's office. They said to come in. I expected that, but didn't think much of it, since I hadn't had any contractions. Baby girl was and has continued to wiggle around. I took my time getting ready. Ate some Thanksgiving leftovers and took a shower. I really expected them to check me out and send me home. So I stopped at Starbux to pick up a coffee and a blueberry scone, and took the subway in. That will make for some story for my girl to tell about her birth.

Anyway, when I arrived, I could hear the dr on call talking about me down the hall. They expected me much sooner. Sure enough, my water has broken, but I am not even a cm dialated. I've been admitted, and pitocin has been started. Looks like I'm having a November baby!

Will keep you all posted as I can.