Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Did you read this post from Io? It's awesome! She's AWESOME! She's been blogging for a long time, but took a break while she and her husband have been saving up for IVF. She's been such a stalwart in the ALI community, I can only imagine how hard it's been to watch practically EVERYONE cross over to parenthood while she was still waiting for her chance. HER CHANCE IS NOW! She triggered last night, so retrieval tomorrow. I'm waiting impatiently for each update.

Io, my friend, this is for you.

I also put a little good luck package in the mail for her yesterday. Before my first FET, Kathy sent me a package with two pairs of lucky socks. I wore both pairs of socks for both FETs. I can't part with the Canadian flag socks, but I can't think of anyone more deserving of some good sock mojo than Io. So she'll be receiving the other pair in time for her transfer. She has been waiting SO DAMN LONG just to get out of the gate. Here's to the next nine months, girlfriend!