Friday, April 16, 2010

Truth, Lie, and Bounce (and other miscellaneous stuff)

Mel posted a fun game this week. We were to comment with either a truth or a lie, then post on our blogs whether we were telling the truth or not. Yup, my comment was the truth. And of course there was drama involved. I managed to stay out of most of the drama, and thankfully the wedding went off without a hitch. My main gripe (which I basically kept to myself so as not to be "difficult") was that the maid of honor decided on a date for the bridal shower without consulting anyone else in the bridal party. My ex (not an ex at the time) had gotten tickets to see Bonnie Raitt that night as my birthday gift. The tickets were sold and I attended the shower. But, DAMN!

Miscellaneous stuff: a few things I could use some mom advice on.

  1. Squeaker's got some irritation around her neck. I'm sure it's just from sweat, spit up, and drool getting in the folds of her adorable chub. Suggestions for combatting that?
  2. What baby sunscreen do you suggest for my fair skinned girl.
  3. When did you stop swaddling? My mother says it's dangerous to swaddle her now that she can roll over, but she still flails a lot in her sleep if she's not swaddled. I really think she sleeps better swaddled. I know I do, since she's not smacking and kicking me.
Oh, and regarding Mel's revelation that she's "deathly afraid of mayonnaise," she's not alone. I have a good friend who's also mayo-phobic. She refers to it as "M" or "the M word." We'll be out at a restaurant and I'll ask if she wants to share an appetizer and she'll say, "I think in has 'M' in it."


Dawn said...

My little girl was a spitter and drooler and I would put Lanolin cream on her neck and chin at night to help with irritation.

As for sunscreen - most of them are just as good as the next one however I do recommend using the lotion type as a base coat and then you can use the sprays as added layers throughout the day.

Time to wean from the swaddle. :-( It isn't good to be swaddled when she can roll and yes she will flail a little during the transition period but she'll adjust quickly.

She's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I try to wipe their necks before putting them to bed for the night. You can use a wet washcloth, or I really like the Mustela no rinse cleansing fluid.

My ped uses Blue Lizard with his kids, and I've heard very good things about it. It's Australian, and I trust them for sun protection, what with the ozone hole and all.

I wouldn't swaddle at this age -- I stopped when they started sucking their thumbs for comfort. Of course, they've slept in their own cribs in their room the whole time, so I don't have the problem of them kicking me. They do move around a ton in their sleep, but it's fine with me.

Kristin said...

Ditto to everything Dawn and Baby Smiling said. Your daughter is just gorgeous.

Melody said...

My doc actually told me to use Desitin on the neck stuff. Simone had no neck for a short while and, since she constantly fought eating, always had formula getting stuck down in there and causing a rash.

And I've been using Banana Boat on S, and she has yet to get any burn, but she has a darker complexion than her fair mommy to begin with.

Quiet Dreams said...

Weddings so often seem to be full of drama! I would have been quite displeased to miss that concert!

That's hilarious about the mayo-fear. Hilarious.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh I must be old school, after reading the comments because I didn't stop swaddling Zilla for a LONG time. He wouldn't sleep unless he was wrapped very snugly. but I guess I'm wrong...the things you find out after you did them to your kids....

I always used Water Babies when my kids were little. Now i can use the spray stuff, since they're older.

A New Beginning said...

Babies can get yeast infections around their neckfolds as well. You can use tinactin on it. It also works well on bad diaper rashes.

MommieV said...

My LO had reflux so was always spitting and drooling. I used Balmex that I had been given as a shower gift and it worked great. My ped said when it started smelling or had the yellow gunk to use Lotrimin.

We started getting away from the swaddle when she could roll. I started swaddling with just her arms in, so if she rolled she could use her legs to get back if she needed to. It only took a couple of days before she fought being swaddled and we were done.

Genkicat said...

My little one had a bit of a rash in the folds of her neck too. The nurse suggested a bit of olive oil after I had cleaned and dried the area well. Works great for her.

Ang said...

Hi Ya!
Well I can say I have a very fair little blondie sensitive skin Dutch girl and I went through loads of sun screen trying to find one that did not irritate her skin. The one I found was from Bio dermoal(dutch) not sure if they have it in the USA. But ask for samples firs if you can or ask if you can return it for another brand if it does not work out. I say this because I spend a lot of cash before I found a drug store that would let me return it.
Clean and dry is what you need to keep it at, I used cornstarch powder.

S.I.F. said...

The mayonaise thing cracks me up!! Too funny lady!