Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do You Know Nate? I Neeeeeeeed Him!

Nate Berkus, that is. Oprah’s favorite interior designer. He getting to own show, set to start airing in the Fall. I’ve been searching online for production info and can’t find any. So I thought I’d run it by the interwebz.

Sunshine and I would be so perfect for the show. It’s going to be based in NYC and Nate loves kids. (He did an episode of Oprah where he took care of a toddler for a day and rocked it. Although, he said he felt like he was hit by a truck afterwards.) Okay, let me explain why we need Nate. We are currently in my one bedroom apartment. It’s tight. It’s a three room apartment, no dining room, small kitchen with no room for a table. Sunshine's dresser and changing pad (and diaper pail of course) are in the living room. The four room apartment next door has become available. I mean RIGHT NEXT DOOR, as in we share a wall. The owner has accepted my offer. Now it’s a matter of formalities with the coop board and selling my apartment.

This apartment is PERFECT for us! It’s what’s referred to in NYC real estate terms as a junior four. A four room apartment where the dining room is usually used as a second bedroom. (There is already a small closet that was built in that room, although I want to have a bigger closet built all along that wall.) The kitchen is about three times as big as my current kitchen. Totally enough room to put a nice sized table and chairs. But boy, does it need work! And after dealing with the purchase price (minus the sale of my current one), there isn’t much money for fixing it up. Oh, but the potential!

So, Nate, are you out there????? Single mom, very photogenic baby, landmark NYC (Queens) apartment, with some wonderful original architectural details. Original doors and transoms, French doors, etc. And the interesting challenge of making it look great and baby proofing at the same time. Great TV!

Nate, we need you! Email me, okay?


J said...

For the past few weeks, Oprah has had a link on her page for Nate fans. Its on the "Be on the show" section under last minute reservations. Check it out!

Dora said...

Woohooo! The interwebz rock!

battynurse said...

Hmm. I don't watch Oprah (for that matter I don't watch much TV at all lately) but that sounds like a good plan.

S.I.F. said...

So fun!!! I love that you are moving up in the apartment world! I've never been to New York, but I love hearing about how crazy the real estate is! And how crazy would it be if you were his first guest?!? Love it!

Calliope said...

yay for a new apartment with ROOM!!!
And dude- you so need Nate. How fecking awesome would that be?!

Tiara said...

Congrats on the new place...here's hoping to see you on Nate's show in the fall!!!

Mo and Will said...

how exciting! i have no nate connections, but will send positive thoughts. congrats on the potential move! yeah!!!