Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meeting the Village! My Non-Attendee Pre-BlogHer Post. (P.S. Added)

Even though it is in my city, I am not attending the conference. It would have involved deciding to attend when I was pregnant, spending money I shouldn’t spend, and time off from work. It was so odd last year when people started blogging about purchasing their tickets and coming to NYC, and I thought, “I’ll have an 8 month old by then!” OMG! I really have an 8 month old! It’s still surreal to me.

But this is my town, and I’m so excited that some of the best friends I’ve never met are coming to town. Some of the amazing women who supported me through cancelled and failed cycles, and celebrated my success will be here! Does it sound strange that I’m imagining handing over my daughter to these women for cuddles?

We will, of course, be at the ALI bloggers’ meetup on Sunday. I will try to slip away from work on Friday for a long lunch if people are meeting at lunchtime. But since I know people will be busy with the conference and parties Friday and Saturday, I am taking tomorrow off from work. To make the most of the personal day, I am dropping Sunshine at daycare at the usual time and going to my internist for a checkup. (My mother has been nagging me to get my cholesterol checked.) Then I will go get Sunshine and head to midtown. I’m estimating about !2:30-1pm. I have some phone numbers, but if you want to get together tomorrow afternoon, email me and I’ll give you my cell number.


P.S. If you're attending and you see any good baby swag and don't need it yourself, I would love some. kthnxbai


Tiara said...

Hope you meet up with tons of bloggers! Have a great time!

Kristin said...

Hey sweetie...can you email me your phone #.

Billy said...

Have a great time meeting the bloggers!

Genkicat said...

How great that you can meet actual people instead of only in cyberspace. I hope you meet lots of bloggers!

battynurse said...

Have fun. I so wish I was there to meet people.

MyLifeMyWorld said...

Ooooo I hope you have a great time!