Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Do You Do It?

HALP!! I can't keep up with my interwebz.

Between work, my almost toddler, and trying (unsuccessfully) to get enough sleep, I can't keep up with my peeps. I am woefully behind in reading dear friends' blogs. Much less commenting. Forget about Twitter. I don't think I've read a tweet in over a month. The long Thanksgiving weekend set me back even further. We were at my mother's, where I couldn't access a neighbor's unsecured network I usually use. I could generally "see" the network, but the signal was not strong enough to connect. So I got my mother a router at Staples on Black Friday, which I tried (unsuccessfully) to configure for the rest of the weekend. After a loooooooong time on the phone with tech support, it was determined that I need an extra ethernet cable to configure the network.

Anyway, this is a rather long winded way of saying, sorry I've been MIA. I want to write a birthday post for Sunshine. I can't believe she turned one on Monday!! In the meantime, here's her first "school" picture.


Anonymous said...

omigosh. she is beyond gorgeous.


N said...

Happy birthday, Sunshine!

I feel you on the difficulty keeping up - it's so hard! But it's good to see you post anyway. :-)

Tiara said...

OMG! 1 year old already?!?!? Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

Adorable picture!

Mo and Will said...

happy birthday, sunshine! can't believe it's been a year already : )


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Mostly I only keep up with blogs if I'm shirking my work!

Configuring routers is one of my very least favorite things to do in this world. That's why I spent the extra money this last time for the Apple one -- not quite truly plug and play, but 20 minutes is way better than the days it usually takes.

Unfortunately since Tamale is slightly older than Sunshine and about the same size, there can be no hand me downs in either direction. I love S's shirt!

hopefulcc said...

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!! (she's ADORABLE!)

Niki said...

Oh my goodness isn't Sunshine ever an adorable doll! I love her cute button nose and stylin' shirt. It's crazy to think she's already a year old. Happy belated birthday Sunshine!

I completely understand the lack of time. I rarely comment on blogs anymore (even though I'm reading) and don't have time to post anything detailed on my own blog. Anyway I'm just saying that I understand.

Jess said...

What a precious little girl you've got there! Happy birthday darlin'!

battynurse said...

Wow. A year old already?!?!
I hear you on having a hard time keeping up. I'm not doing so well at it lately either.

'Murgdan' said...

Gorgeous! Wow...time does fly.

Anonymous said...

A YEAR? She's a YEAR old? How did that happen?

She is looking so gorgeous and awesome. I love her shirt...and her hair!

As far as keeping up, well, you've got a harder time than me. I get naptime to lounge around on the internet. Though when I worked I MAY have *ahem* used work time to mess around, as well.

Kristin said...

OMG, Happy, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

rebecca said...

Sunshine is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and your incredibly kind, encouraging words. I literally read your message as I was nervously waiting in the RE's waiting room and it filled me with a sense of peace. Definitely took it as a good sign. Thank you!

Billy said...

I don't.. So behind on my reading too.

Happy Birthday Sunshine! And what a big and beautiful girl you are :-)).

DaisyGal said... really just lit up my Friday.
What a beautiful little girl...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gorgeous.

and as far as keeping up, you are doing a better job than me. LOL

HUGS & Love

the good eggs said...

School pictures already! Such a cutie.

The Baby Chase Project said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.. your support means so much to me. I admire you for following your dreams..Your Sunshine is beautiful!!!!

Another Dreamer said...

Wow, a year already?!

She's such a cutie.

Calliope said...

WHAT???!!!! She's a year??? HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN???!!!

She is beautiful. Happy first year to both of you.

Michaela said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday Sunshine!

WiseGuy said... red her nose and cheeks are! Belated Happy Birthday, Sunshine! Many blessings!

Rosie said...

Aww she is so, so, very, very, wonderfully beautiful!!!! Lucky mama you! And she's one. One is such a lovely age. She and I share a birthday, if I remember correctly. Happy belated birthday S.!
She is also the most well dressed baby I have ever seen.
Thanks for the welcome back, and the congrats, and your reassuring words about my age. I do tend to overthink that aspect.
BTW I transferred 2 very nice blasts today! Very exciting!
I hope you and your little Sunshine are doing well.