Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Joyous Update!

Nearly three years ago I posted a guest post from a woman whose story I learned from a Single Moms by Choice email list. She truly had been through the wringer, and was still without a child in her arms. I am so very happy to announce that she is now a mom! Here is her announcement to the email list:


Hello All,

I'm so very very blissfully happy to introduce my beautiful daughter Eliana Jacqueline. She was born on February 5, 2014 weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long.

She is adopted. I got to be in the delivery room. The birth mother and I bonded and it was a beautiful shared experience.

After EIGHT long and painful years of infertility and heartbreak, my little baby girl's precious face makes it all seem like a distant memory. Yes, I'm so in love!

I won't lie. It's a pride-swallowing siege; a humbling, exhausting, baptism by fire to take care of a new born. Good lord! But it's worth it and it's a labor of love.

I already wouldn't trade it for anything.

43 and finally a mother!!!


When I emailed her to ask if I could update her story on my blog she had even more wonderful news. Baby number two is due in the beginning of September with a gestational carrier and Stacy’s embryo from a previous IVF! Lots of happy sleep deprivation ahead for this mom. 


Stacie said...

So, so awesome to read updates like that. :) Congratulations to your friend!

Meg said...

Hooray! Thank you for posting this. I have followed her story for years and I'm so thrilled that her baby has finally arrived. And OMG another on the way! My heart is bursting with joy for her :)