Friday, June 5, 2009

I am a sacred vessel and other miscellaneous stuff.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Sorry I've been a terrible commenter. So many times I want to leave longer, thought out comments, and haven't had the time or energy.

I'm away for the weekend, chilling and visiting with friends in the DC area. Saw a startling sight. In clothes, I don't really look pregnant. I have a little belly, but so do lots of people. I see men all the time who look to me like they're in their 10th month! At home, my bathroom mirror is mounted a bit higher than my waist, and my only full length mirror is on the inside of a living room closet door. So, getting out of the shower yesterday at my hotel, I saw my full naked belly in the mirror for the first time. (Looking down at it isn't the same.) Holy crap, I'm pregnant! You're not going to be getting any belly shots from me, but WOW, it's remarkable!

Saw an orthopedic foot surgeon about my plantar fasciitis before going away. Cortisone shots, exercises, icing, physical therapy 2x a week for nearly 3 months have not worked. The dr did a treatment called platelet-rich plasma therapy. They drew my blood and spun it, then inject the platelets (after injecting some lidocaine first) into the affected areas. Let me tell you, even with lidocaine, big injections in your feet are WAY worse than big injections in your butt. I went to work after this, but once the lidocaine wore off, I was in AGONY! My boss even told me to go home after I finished what I was working on. He never says this! He's a ridiculous worry wort who called me twice today on my vacation day! I hobbled home and iced them. I'm feeling better now, but it will be a week or so to see if this is working.

Okay, I know this is kind of silly to worry about, but my hair has become very brittle. I didn't expect it at this point. Is this normal? I'm having a lot of breakage, particularly around my hairline in the front, so it shows. Any suggestions? After I had my hair fried several years ago by a relaxer, I took high potency biotin supplements the help the damage grow out faster. Does anyone know if that kind of dosage would be okay. I'd hate to call the OB's office about my hair, but it's bugging me.

I'm currently watching Anderson Cooper's special about Dr. Tiller's assasination. I'm just sick about this. Count me as a pregnant, infertile woman for choice. ALL CHOICE! Check out Kristin, Julie and Cecily's posts about this.


battynurse said...

You'll have to let me know how that treatment works for the plantar fascitis. I think mine is coming back again. I've done the cortisone injections in the past without much relief. Have a good trip away from home.

Michele said...

I'm pro-life 100%- and that means even in the death penalty. It breaks my heart when anyone is murdered, even someone that I cant stand. God's justice- not ours. I prayed for his soul and am praying for his family. To me, the person who shot him is no better than an abortionist. death in the name of life is the stupidist thing i've heard of. even so-called monsters have gifts. everyone is a child of God.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your hair. I would call the doc and not feel bad about it. You're pregnant - you're entitled! :)

Kristin said...

Hey chica...try some hot oil treatments for your curly hair. The easiest way is to use some good olive oil or coconut oil and slather it through your hair. Obviously, Wash it after. Also, Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioning Cream (the Sleek and Shine version) is great with hair like ours. My everyday shampoo and conditioner that works the best is TreSemme Moisture Rich with vitamin E for dry or damaged hair. But, if you feel like breaking out the big guns, buy some products from Sephora. Specifically, I have used Phyto Intense Nutrition Shampoo and Phyto Express Hydrating Conditioner. I have never felt my hair as soft and manageable. They also have fabulous leave in conditioners. These products are PERFECT for naturally curly hair.

Dora said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Kristin. I'm actually pretty extreme about what I use on my hair. I don't use any detergent based cleansers to wash it. (My hair still gets clean, but the main ingredient in most shampoos, sodium laurel sulfate, was created to clean jet engines! YIKES!) For info on the way I cleanse and care for my moisture hungry curly hair, check out the book, Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey or check out the message boards on I'm thinking about the biotin because this breakage seems systemic.

Billy said...

Yay for the pregnant figure!!!

Hope both your foot and hair get better.

Michelle said...

WOW shots in your feet really does not sound good at all!!! YAY for seeing a pregnant belly. I am so happy for you!

Beautiful Mess said...

ACK! Any type of shots in the foot HURT! Hope it's feeling better.
I've got a post in the works about Dr. Tiller and the incident. It makes me sick. Hope you're feeling well.